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Used Pallet Flow Rails

URP Stocks Tens of Thousands of Feet of USED Pallet Flow Rails in Single and Staggered Wheel Configurations!

Let Us Build a Custom Pallet Flow System For Your Specific Distribution Needs.

Pallet Flow Rack systems are driven by gravity. These systems are great for fast moving applications that require first-in/first-out (FIFO) stock rotation. There are many different roller systems. The most common is the skate wheel type. These skate wheel rails come in both single and staggered wheel. The single wheel design is typically used to build a flow lane by running two rows of throughout the pallet flow system /structure. These rows are spaced sided by side at the appropriate dimension to handle the particular pallet width you are wanting to convey. The single wheel skate wheel are sometimes called in-line pallet flow rollers as well. These single or in-line pallet flow rails can also be used in to create a heavier duty system by simply adding a 3rd rail in the middle of the pallet flow lane. The staggered pallet flow rails are heavier duty and it generally takes only two rows of them per flow lane to accommodate most pallet weights.

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Within the flow system the flow rails are placed on a slope to allow your product to flow forward for order picking area. The products are stocked from the rear of the system and picked from the front. As mentioned above, this allows for excellent product rotation. This type of High Density storage system minimizes the normal aisle space requirements whereby freeing up space for additional storage throughout your warehouse and reducing your need for potential space expansion. It is always much cheaper with today’s high price of real estate to create additional pallet positions in your warehouse vs. renting or purchasing more square footage. Utilizing the cubic footage is always the key to achieving more functional and less costly storage solutions. We can build a system to fit your specific needs. We always build a trial flow lane while using your exact pallets and products to ensure that the system will work as required. Not all pallets and products are conducive to this type of pallet storage. Call one of our trained salespeople today for more specifics on just what can be done to create a system that works best for you.

Pallet Flow Rack is an easy way to move full pallet loads and maintain inventory rotation in a FIFO basis. The full benefit of Pallet Flow is maximized when the vertical space in your warehouse is used for multi-level installations. Pallet Flow can be combined with Carton Flow or standard pallet racking, creating an efficient system where full pallets move forward to a picking position and automatically feed other systems that break them into cartons or even pieces. The use of gravity can minimize work load and keep picking positions stocked throughout all levels, allowing for deeper systems where pallets are stored back to back.

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