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Used Light Duty Carton Flow

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Hundreds of Bays of Used Carton Flow Rack

Light Duty Carton Flow is gravity-driven and great for applications with a variety of SKUs. One carton of each line item can be located on the pick face which simply means that a large number of SKU’s are available to the picker within a small area. Travel/Walking time is drastically reduced which often equates to a significant labor savings. Order picking is done on a First-In/First-Out basis, which ensures inventory rotation. By Separating the stocking aisle from the picking aisle order picking is more efficient. The tilted trays /shelves in an carton flow system help improve visibility and order accuracy. This is often the perfect answer for split case or individual piece picking. Carton flow shelves often come with impact panels and intermediate supports which can help protect against shelf stocking abuse and prolong the system’s longevity. Carton Flow is often integrated with conveyors and other product storage solutions to create multi-level pick modules which enable the user to take advantage of their “cubic” storage available in their warehouse whereby freeing up valuable floor space for additional storage and better efficiency.

Span Track is often called by its more generic name, case flow track, and is manufactured by Unex. There are several other brands currently available for purchase, including products like Rhino Track. Span track is the best way to turn your existing static pallet system into a dynamic gravity fed pallet rack. Span track is a flow track that can be installed right into your existing racking system using a clip system. As a result, the loads can be evenly supported without adding additional supports. This gravity-based system would be a first-in, first-out system.

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Static storage refers to using pallet racking or shelving for storing and picking products in your warehouse. Depending on your application, static storage can be VERY inefficient and labor intensive. This type of order picking will generally require up to (4) times more pickers and twice as much floor space as the gravity-driven Carton Flow system. This in turn can create stock rotation, inventory control and often times extensive order picking errors.

Whether you need to use them as freestanding units or as an element of a larger carton or case flow system, carton flow racks are available in various configurations for your needs. Simply pick the system that utilizes the roller track, powered and gravity conveyors, multi-level mezzanines, and static storage for your specific demands.

Generally, carton flow systems consist of two carton flow racks facing one another with a single conveyor running in between them. The purpose of this configuration is to make the pallet rack, which will be located behind the carton flow, available for restocking of inventory. This frees the conveyors up for staging and removing orders. The conveyors can also be used to clear empty cartons away from the working area.

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