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Used Pushback RacksPushback racking systems are designed around the principle of organizing space by depth rather than by width. This depth arrangement greatly reduces aisle space and increases storage density for extreme efficiency. In this configuration, each bay can be up to six pallets deep; each pallet is stored on a wheeled cart that fits onto the rails. The rails are slightly angled toward the load/unload side of the rack in order to take advantage of gravity, saving enormous amounts of energy for moving heavy pallets. When a forklift sets the pallet onto the cart, it drives forward and causes the pallet to bump the next pallet, causing the entire row of pallets to roll backwards. When removing a pallet from the front position the remaining pallets immediately stage themselves forward so that the next available pallet can be accessed. Push back rack is a LIFO (last in, first out) storage system.

We will accommodate your Pushback Storage needs. Pushback storage utilizes the high density storage advantages of Drive-in storage, while always maintaining accessibility to every lane.

With Push-Back storage, the pallet loads are “Pushed Back” into the pallet rack by a cart system. After a pallet load is retrieved, the adjacent pallet load is automatically advanced to the aisle, offering the optimum in storage density and accessibility. When storage density and pallet load accessibility are important, Used Pushback racking storage is the best decision.

A push-back racking system offers the advantages of high-density storage for limited space environments. Allowing for storage up to six deep and four high, push-back systems rely on gravity to move pallets forward along a set of rails. The system is highly efficient and relies on a last in, first out system. The rails also allow older loads to be pushed back when a new one is deposited. The back of a push-back system is closed and nothing is loaded or unloaded from that side, making it an ideal system when you need to place your racking system against a wall. Push-back racking systems avoid the wear and tear of drive-in systems while offering the same type of high-density storage.

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