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What Freight Advantages Does Have?

  • We are located in Indianapolis, IN.  We have the most interstates that cross through our state than any other Midwest state.  Over 75% of the United States population live with a days drive of our facility.  We can get your material shipped fast and inexpensive.
  • We do not inflate our shipping costs to make more money.  A lot of pallet rack companies will inflate the costs of the shipping to take a cut for more profit.  What we get quoted from the logistic companies we use, is what you pay.  You can also arrange your own shipping if that is something you would like to do.
  • When we load our trucks, we maximize the space on the truck.  Although we are restricted by weight, height, and width on trucks, we cube out everything so it can legally and safely travel.

We Purchase Used Packages Across The Nation: searches the country for quality used Pallet Racks and other related warehouse storage equipment.  From Maine to Los Angeles, we may have a liquidation going on near you.  Often times we can ship material direct from our job sites to your location and save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in  freight costs.  Call us today and odds are we have a project going on in your city or state.

Used-Pallet Rack Shipping Locations

Use the map below to find the nearest distribution point near you. has the largest distribution network in the United States.

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