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Pallet Rack Safety Tips

After purchasing your pallet racking system, it is important that you employ proper pallet rack safety procedures in your warehouse. While pallet racks are sturdy, stable fixtures for storage when used properly, a dangerous situation can quickly be created if your pallet racks are not installed or used in the correct way. Improper pallet rack use can lead to a collapse, falling product, and serious employee injuries. In order to ensure the safety of your employees, follow these safety tips when handling the pallet racks in your warehouse.

Assembly & Capacity

The first step in ensuring pallet rack safety involves paying attention to the assembly of the pallet racks as well as their capacity. First, your pallet racks should never be assembled by someone who is inexperienced. Instead, hire a professional to assemble your pallet racks. This will ensure that they are installed correctly and safely. Second, when your pallet racking system is assembled and ready for stocking, always follow the capacity instructions that you have been provided. Capacities exist for a reason, and not following capacity can lead to disastrous consequences such as falling products or collapsing pallet racks.

pallet-rack-general-picture-3-300x227Spacing & Lighting

In addition to ensuring that your pallet racks are set up and stocked correctly, you must also take into account the context in which your pallet racing system resides. First, the spacing of your aisles is an important part of pallet rack safety. Your aisles should be spaced properly and have the right clearances for stocking, picking, and forklift travel amongst them. Along with spacing, lighting is also a critical component of pallet rack safety. Your aisles should be well-lit, as this allows your employees to see the products that they are stocking and picking and be better attuned to any potential safety concerns.

Maintenance & Prevention

Last but not least, proper pallet rack maintenance and the prevention of dangerous situations will keep your pallet racking system safe for all employees. Pallet racks require routine maintenance, and this maintenance should not be ignored as it is a key part of safety. You should inspect your pallet racks at least once each year to check that your hardware is tightened and that the racks are square, plumb, and level.

If you find any issues with your pallet racks, the necessary repairs should be taken care of immediately. To prevent other dangerous situations, educate your employees about pallet rack safety and ensure that they know to never climb on the racks under any circumstances.

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