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Improving Your Warehouse: Sustainability

There are many ways to improve your warehouse in terms of efficiency. One way to be more efficient in your warehouse is through sustainability. Also known as “going green,” improving sustainability in your warehouse is beneficial not only because it helps you save on energy costs, but also because it reduces your carbon footprint on the planet. With the following five tips, you can improve sustainability in your warehouse.

1. Purchase Energy-Efficient Equipment

One of the biggest energy wasters in your warehouse is the equipment that you use. Such heavy-duty machinery vastly increases the amount that you spend on energy. By purchasing more energy-efficient equipment, you can drastically improve sustainability in your warehouse. Look for equipment that operates using high-efficiency motors. This will save you a large amount of money over time and greatly reduce the carbon footprint of your warehouse overall.

2. Turn Off Your Equipment

In addition to purchasing more energy-efficient equipment, another way to increase sustainability is to simply turn off

your equipment when it is not in use. Many warehouses make the mistake of leaving their equipment on constantly, assuming that it increases efficiency because the equipment does not have to be turned on and off. However, by turning your equipment off when it is not in use, you can drastically increase energy-efficiency in your warehouse. You can also reduce the amount you spend on environmental regulation compliance.

3. Change Your HVAC Usage

Another major part of your warehouse’s energy bill is the HVAC system. If your HVAC system is constantly in use, it is time to change the way you are using that system. First, consider turning off your HVAC system when employees are not present in your warehouse. If your products require cooling constantly, you can consider installing ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are much more cost-effective than a constantly running HVAC system.

4. Alter Your Warehouse Lighting

In addition to changing HVAC and equipment use, you can also reduce your energy use by changing the way that you light your warehouse. First, take advantage of as much natural light as possible. Second, invest in more efficient lighting options such as LED bulbs, which provide a higher ROI over time. Finally, if you have excessive light in non-critical parts of your warehouse, consider removing a bulb or two from these fixtures.

5. Build Up, Not Out

Last but not least, the best way to build a more sustainable warehouse from the outset is to build vertically instead of horizontally. Building up allows you to maximize the use of any given space, reducing your overall carbon footprint as well as energy costs for your business.

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