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Buying Used Pallet Racks: What You Need to Know

Buying used pallet racks can be a great economic and environmental choice for any company, but it does require more care than purchasing new equipment. There are several things you should look for to make sure tha any used pallet racks you purchase will perform up to standards and not pose a safety hazard. Here are some things that a discerning buyer should look for when buying used pallet racks.

Get A Look At The Equipment

Don’t buy without first seeing the equipment you are purchasing. Someone who is well informed about pallet racks should have a chance to inspect the product you are buying and ask any necessary questions. Keep an eye out for rust, bending, or other signs that this used product might not be up to specifications.

Ask For Refurbished

There is an important distinction between used and refurbished products. Used products are sold as is, and while that can be fine for items as durable as pallet racks, it still can signifiy significant wear and tear on the product. To save money and worry, ask for a refurbished product that has been restored to like-new condition. This will still be cheaper than a new pallet rack, but you will be able to feel more confident about your purchase. Be wary of any company that cannot perform refurbishing services.

An Established Business

When buying used pallet racks, look for a company with several years in the industry. A solid track record of performance and satisfied customers makes it far more likely that you will purchase a quality product from this company. Look for companies with substantial stock – even if it’s not current stock in the product you’re looking for – and beware companies that exaggerate the size of their business or history.

Additionally, look for a company that will service what they sell you. Beware those that subcontract out those services. Ask questions about the cost of follow-up repairs. Get all of this information clear before you buy.

Get Product Specifications

When buying used pallet racks, make sure to purchase racks specific to the purpose you want them for. It can be harder to track the exact information about a used product, so make sure to ask questions. Items that can serve more than one use are also a good investment choice when buying used, but make sure the product really can do everything it’s made out to do.

With a careful eye, buying used pallet racks can be an ideal economic choice for your warehouse. See the product first, ask question, and proceed with care.

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