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A Guide to Pallet Flow Rack Systems

When deciding what pallet racking system to utilize in your warehouse, one option to consider is a pallet flow rack system. Pallet flow rack systems differ from typical pallet racking systems because they are dynamic rather than static, which means that they move product for you. Using gravity to move product into the picking position, pallet flow racking can increase efficiency and productivity in your warehouse. Learn more about how the pallet flow rack system works, what types of systems you can create, and why pallet flow racking is a beneficial option for your storage facility.

How Pallet Flow Racking Works

Pallet flow racking utilizes skate wheels to move the pallets. The system consists of pallet flow lanes, which are placed on a slope and are created by laying track in the bays that hold your product. In this first in, first out style of rotation, you load each pallet on one side of the racking system and pick them from the opposite side. When you remove the load at the front of the bay, the load behind it rolls forward to be picked. Many pallet flow rack systems also come with braking systems to control the speed at which the pallets move forward.

palletflow-300x111Types of Pallet Flow Rack Systems

While all pallet flow rack systems use skate wheels to move product, these can come in various configurations. In the single wheel style, a flow lane is structured using two rows of rails, also referred to as in-line pallet flow rollers, that are spaced at the appropriate dimensions for the product at hand. For a more heavy duty pallet flow rack system, you can stagger pallet flow rails. This refers to adding a third rail that resides in the middle of the first two lanes. With this system, you move products that are larger and heavier.

Benefits of Pallet Flow Rack Systems

There are many benefits to the pallet flow rack system. First, this style of pallet racking can double or even triple the capacity of your pallet racks in comparison to static storage systems. Second, pallet flow racking utilizes a lower number of aisles, which creates more floor space. Pallet flow racking is best suited to high-volume and high-density product storage. This system is often used by warehouses that store food, freezer warehouses, and other goods intended for consumers. Pallet flow racking is a great way to increase your warehouse efficiency by lowering pick times and storing more products.

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