Used Heavy Duty Carton Flow Rack

Thousands of Feet of Used Heavy Duty Carton Flow Rack In-Stock of All Sizes

Full Width Roller Track takes the abuse of the high volume distribution and manufacturing facilities. These Full Width Rollers can support up to 300% more product contact than the older style plastic wheel type. This helps eliminate hang-ups and increases your productivity! The Standard Carton Flow typically has small plastic rollers with plastic axles. In many warehouse and manufacturing applications this type of system will hold up for years. However, if you are a high volume operation or have very heavy products you may want to look at HEAVY DUTY carton flow track. This carton flow track is a “Full Width Roller Type”. The rollers look similar to basic gravity conveyor but are much smaller in diameter. The full width roller with its steel axles provide the performance needed for system longevity for your high volume and heavy case applications. This type of system is your answer to your Carton Flow Maintenance headaches!

The Full Width Flow Tracks themselves simply drop in the racking system with integrated brackets to allow for the adjustability required for slope adjustment. When installed, the Flow Tracks rest below the top of the beam and the beam then becomes a convenient product stop. The Flow Tracks will fit in to all pallet rack types including structural racking.

Hangerless Span-Track can be added to any standard pallet rack with step beams. It nests between the steps for full use of vertical space.

Adjustable Pick Tray…
Combined with Span-Track’s superior carton flow, UNEX’s full-bay-width adjustable Pick Tray maximizes view and access in “each pick” applications. Tilted product presentation greatly improves pick rate and accuracy.

Bridge Hangers connect Span-Track sections to Pick Tray. “Drop-in” design makes installation easy.

Galvanized steel Pick Tray is rated at 50 lbs./ft. Pick Tray Widths: 5ft. to 10ft. Standard Depth: 18″ and 24″ with a 2″ or 4″ front stop. Optional label holder attaches to tray front.