Used Cantilever Racks

Hundreds of Bays of Used Cantilever Racks In-Stock of All Sizes

We Also Stock NEW – At Rock Bottom Prices! searches the country for used cantilever rack systems for our customers. These include uprights of all heights and arms of all capacities in like new condition. Cantilever racks are a freestanding storage system with horizontal load carrying arms that extend outward from a vertical upright column. These vertical uprights are also called towers by some people. The absence of a vertical support on the ends of the cantilever arms permits uninterrupted storage of long lengths of material. A cantilever rack system comes in all different configurations as well as capacities. Along with the uprights and arms you will also need bracing and bases to complete the system. The bracing can be set at many different lengths to allow for the flexibility of storing random length material. The bases are actually the components that are attached to the cantilever uprights/towers. These bases set on the floor and have anchor holes in them to allow them to be secured to the concrete. They too come in different sizes depending on the length of your product. A general rule of thumb is that the bases in your system will be the same length as the cantilever arms. If you need 48” long arms to store your material then you would need 48” long bases to attach to your cantilever uprights/towers. The bases also act a shelf level within the system for additional storage.

Cantilever Racks are an ideal system for storing steel bars, pipe, tubing, lumber and other long, heavy items that must be kept off the floor. Cantilever racks provide instant accessibility to one piece or a full load . The section of bay can either be what is referred to as a single or double sided section or bay. The single sided cantilever bay is typically placed against a wall in your building or in some cases building column lines. With the single sided system, you will only have storage capabilities on one side of the uprights. A double sided cantilever system allows the operator to store and pick material from both sides of the cantilever bay. Forklifts can easily lift loads off and on the arms and bases. We offer customs sizes as well for specific applications. Whether you have a small project or a complete distribution warehouse, our professional sales force is standing by to assist you!

It is really easy to determine what you will need for your system. Cantilever Racking is comprised of “FOUR” primary components as mentioned above:

  • Cantilever Uprights/Tower – To determine the height needed for your cantilever uprights/towers you must first determine the lowest point in your warehouse where the cantilever rack bays are going to be assembled. As an example: If you have 15’ clear heights in your warehouse then you could generaly use a 15 foot cantilever tower. If of course your lift truck will lift your product that high while allowing a 4” fudge factor for what is called lift off. Lift off is basically the distance it takes to safely lift the material off the arms for removal or above the arms for stocking.


  • Cantilever Arms – The Arms come in all kinds of lengths and capacities. To determine the capacity of the arms you need, you must first determine how many arms it will take to support you product. If you have a bundle of lumber for example that weighs 2,000 pounds, and you are going to be able to just use (2) arms to support the material without having very much deflecting, then you would need arms that would support at least 1,000lbs each. Product deflection happens when there isn’t enough equally spaced supports under material to where it will bend , sag or deflect causing unwanted stress on the cantilever system and the products. A general rule of thumb is that you don’t want more than 25% of your material handling out past the outside arms that are supporting your product. Another way to look at it is to not allow any overhang that is more than ½ the distance of the upright on centers.
  • Cantilever Bases – The bases need to be the same length as your cantilever arms for support and because they are acting as shelf level for storing your product.


  • Cantilever Brace Sets – The brace sets in a cantilever system are set up to provide adequate distance between the arms for supporting the product without allowing for excessive deflection. The easiest way to determine what brace set dimensions are best for your application is to simply take some 4” x 4” wooden runners or boards and place them on the floor. Take the product that you wish to store and place it on the runners using the rule of thumb mentioned above for arm spacing and see just what spacing you can use while not having any deflection of products and/or exceeding the maximum overhangs as referenced above.