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Warehouse Safety: What you Need to Know!

According to the statistics presented by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, over 145,000 people work in more than 7,000 warehouses in the US; however, it is very unfortunate that the fatal injury rate for the warehousing industry is much higher than the national average for all industries. This is beyond doubt alarming. Protect your Workers from Fatal Injuries: Managing Safety in your Warehouse When it comes to warehouse safety, a number of things are often overlooked. Safety procedures are mostly disregarded [...]

Using PushBack Pallet Racks – Part II

Continuing our discussion from last week’s blog… Benefits of Push Back Pallet Racks Push back pallet racks are beneficial because they allow you to store up to 90% more product while still being able to easily and quickly access a diverse range of SKUs. This means that your picking rates will increase, in turn increasing warehouse productivity. In addition, the interlocking carts used in this system keep products from becoming jammed or damaged. You are also preventing damage by keeping the [...]

Pallet Rack Safety Tips

After purchasing your pallet racking system, it is important that you employ proper pallet rack safety procedures in your warehouse. While pallet racks are sturdy, stable fixtures for storage when used properly, a dangerous situation can quickly be created if your pallet racks are not installed or used in the correct way. Improper pallet rack use can lead to a collapse, falling product, and serious employee injuries. In order to ensure the safety of your employees, follow these safety [...]

Tips and Tricks for Saving Money In Your Warehouse

Operating a warehouse can be extremely profitable if done correctly, but many warehouse owners and managers find that, often, profit margins are not as high as they could be. There are lots of small things that individuals can do to make their warehouse more profitable and more efficient. Below, we list some of our favorite tips and tricks for saving money in your warehouse. Open an online ordering portal. If you haven’t gotten with the online trend yet, make sure [...]

Using Pushback Pallet Racks – Part I

Are you searching for a high-density storage option for your warehouse? With push back pallet racks, you can efficiently store a large amount of products using a gravitational system. Push back pallet racks are beneficial because they allow you to both store and access more products. This versatile pallet racking system sends pallets forward to the forklift, using gravity for greater efficiency. Continue reading to learn more about how push back pallet racking works and why it is a [...]

The Benefits of Professional Consulting & Custom Warehouse Design

When it comes to designing your warehouse, sometimes you need to let a professional take charge. At, we offer both consulting, custom design, and layout services for your warehouse. Our skilled team can bring many benefits to the future of your business. With professional consulting and custom design, your warehouse will be created with maximum efficiency in mind. This will increase the overall productivity of your company, as you will have better storage of your products and more [...]

A Guide to Selective Pallet Racking

When it comes to using pallet racks for storage in your warehouse, there are many different systems that you can utilize for greater efficiency and maximum usage of space. One such system is called selective pallet racking. Selective pallet racking is one of the most commonly used systems in industrial applications because it is very adaptable to different product and equipment types. Read on to learn more about how selective pallet racking works, the pros and cons of this [...]

Improving Your Warehouse: Sustainability

There are many ways to improve your warehouse in terms of efficiency. One way to be more efficient in your warehouse is through sustainability. Also known as “going green,” improving sustainability in your warehouse is beneficial not only because it helps you save on energy costs, but also because it reduces your carbon footprint on the planet. With the following five tips, you can improve sustainability in your warehouse. 1. Purchase Energy-Efficient Equipment One of the biggest energy wasters in your [...]

The Benefits of Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are one of the most widely used systems for storage in warehouses today. This type of racking system is very simple in design yet can handle large capacities and long loads. Cantilever racks offer many benefits for your business, as they maximize capacity and enable easy loading and unloading. By choosing cantilever racks from, you have access to our massive inventory of used cantilever racks. Learn more about how and why you should use cantilever racks [...]

Understanding Used Material Handling Assets II

One Midwest company got started in the late 1980's when a facilities manager for a major grocery chain got involved in acquiring storage materials for a major warehouse relocation and build-out. It was a revealing learning experience that helped found this family legacy business. What started as process of negotiations for the needs of one single business morphed into a used equipment reseller with a national footprint. Acquiring and brokering USED material storage equipment can save end-users incredible amounts in [...]